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Welcome to Legal Nurse Services LLC where we save you dollars while making sense out of medical records! Here at Legal Nurse Services LLC we can assist you with complicated medical malpractice issues by providing efficient medical records reviews; medical record interpretations, chronologies and timelines; medical research pertaining to the case issues; and expert witness location. We have assisted with medical malpractice cases concerning obstetrical and gynecological issues, intra-surgical and post operative issues, drug interactions, intra-facility wound issues, inter-facility and intra- facility transfer issues, and falls. Legal Nurse Services has also provided information regarding the effects of pre-existing medical conditions and their impact upon the medical malpractice case issues.

Legal Nurse Services LLC has a team of experts in a variety of nursing specialties such as pediatrics, surgery, OB/GYN, telemetry, cardiology/ICU, and neurology. These experts have addressed such issues as shoulder dystocia, nuchal cord, pre-eclampsia, amniotic fluid embolism, bed sores, cardiovascular effects of obesity, sleep apnea, septic shock, thrombocytopenia, deep vein thrombosis, disseminated intravascular coagulation, pulmonary embolism, diabetes mellitus II, falls, inter-facility transfers, drug interactions, group B strep infections, gram negative bacteria, hypercholesterolemia, macrosomia complications, patient centered outcomes, pelvic floor mesh grafts, polyhydramnios, post-op bleeding, pyelonephritis, septic shock, and watershed infarcts.

Besides our team of nursing experts who screen and interpret medical records, Legal Nurse Services LLC also locates expert medical witnesses. Expert witnesses go through a screening process based upon standardized guidelines, attorney client’s criteria and expectations, and the witness credentials, experience and specialty area. In addition, Legal Nurse Services LLC screens the expert witnesses for their credibility, communication skills, reputation, and status as an expert on the subject. We also check for the potential ‘hired gun’ issues, and any existing conflicts such as interest, time, or biases.

Non-medical resources are also available through Legal Nurse Services LLC. We can provide you with forensic, demonstrative evidence, engineering and federal corrections experts should these experts be needed to supporting the facts in your case.

Be sure to check out the links with the examples of our chronologies and timelines located on this website.

Legal Nurse Services LLC is here to provide you with all your legal nurse services in one place. Call us today for your initial risk free consultation.